Artificial intelligence

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Decision support programs are designed to help managers make:

The field that investigates the mechanics of human intelligence is:

The area of AI that investigates methods of facilitating communication between people and computers is:

The Cedar, BBN Butterfly, Cosmic Cube and Hypercube machine can be characterized as

Graphic interfaces were first used in a Xerox product called:

The Personal Consultant is based on:

When a top-level function is entered, the LISP processor do(es)

The primary method that people use to sense their environment is:

A natural language generation program must decide:

In which of the following situations might a blind search be acceptable?

To invoke the LISP system, you must enter

Which company offers the LISP machine considered to be "the most powerful symbolic processor available"?

An expert system differs from a database program in that only an expert system:

Which type of actuator generates a good deal of power but tends to be messy?

A Personal Consultant knowledge base contain information in the form of:

The Newell and Simon program that proved theorems of Principia Mathematica was:

Artificial intelligence is

Shaping teaching techniques to fit the learning patterns of individual students is the goal of:

Which approach to speech recognition avoids the problem caused by the variation in speech patterns among different speakers?

The characteristics of the computer system capable of thinking, reasoning and learning is known is