ASP.NET MVC Online Test Questions

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How to check Request coming from which controller using MVC ASP.Net?

What is the name of default Viewstart Page in ASP.Net MVC ?

Is ViewBag slower than ViewData in MVC?

What is ViewResult() ?

Which Name space is used to create chart using ASP.Net MVC?

What is default authentication in Internet Information Services (IIS)?

In which format data can be return from XML into table ?

Which is the way to render Partial View using ASP.Net MVC Razor Engine?

How can we provide Height and Width to MVC Charts ?

Viewstart comes under which folder name ?

How can we set theme to MVC Charts?

What is  RouteConfig.cs in ASP.Net MVC?

Which  Namespaces are required to Data Annotation using MVC ?

Which Namespace is used for Razor View Engine ?

RedirectToActionPermanent() Method for which Status code represents?

How to Print value from Controller to View in MVC ?

What is the benefits of Html.Partial using ASP.Net MVC Razor Engine?

What is FilterConfig.cs in ASP.Net MVC ?

What is the extension of MVC view when using C#?

What is BundleConfig.cs in ASP.Net MVC ?