ASP.Net Online Test Questions

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Which one of the following is the last stage of the Web forms lifecycle?

How to implement authentication via web.config?

What ASP.NET object encapsulates the state of the client and the browser?

 Which one of the class contains the objects that we use to connect to a data source via an OLE-DB provider?

Which authentication method allows anyone to access the ASP.NET application and that IIS doesn’t perform any authentication?

Which of the following object encapsulates the state of the client and the browser?

What is the best way to store the connection string?

Which one of the following is used to obtain performance information about a Web Application?

You are developing a web application that is retrieving historical library information from database server and displays it to the users of your application. What cache strategy will give you the best performance?

What is the name of the property of ASP.NET page that you can query to determine that a ASP.NET page is being requested not data being submitted to web server?

 How can we force all the validation control to run?

To perform asynchronous data access, what must be added to the connection string?

In which mode of storing ASP.NET session, session state is serialized and stored in a separate process?

Where do we store connection string in ASP.NET?

In which event are the controls fully loaded?

From performance point of view which is the fastest:

_____________is a property common in every validation control?

How do we identify that the page is Postback?

When does Garbage collector run?

For separating server-side code from client-side code on a ASP.NET page, what programming model should you use?