C# Online Test Questions

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Which property is used on the datatable to indicate conflicts after update method is called?

It contains all the information needed to describe the assembly to the common language runtime.

Choose the principle of object-oriented programming that allows object to exist as independent, interchangeable units of functionality without maintaining dependencies on other units of code?

What is accessibility modifier "protected internal"?

If you want to add an array in ArrayList then which method of ArrayList will be used?

What component of a Data Provider provides connected, forward-only, read-only access to a database?

What does the keyword virtual mean in the method definition?

Which of the following is not true for garbage collector?

If no access modifier is specified for a class or a structure, it is considered .....?

Different ways a method can be overloaded in C#.NET

_____ allow to encapsulate discrete units of functionality and provide a graphical representation of that functionality to the user?

Which of the following is not true for abstract class?

Inheriting from a base class and providing a new method for one of the base class methods?

How to kill a user session explicitly?

Which of the following is incorrect about System.Text.StringBuilder and System.String?

int keyword targets to which .Net type?

______________ represents a drawing surface and provides methods for rendering to that drawing surface?

Which of the following is not correct for delegates?

Which of the following refers to providing new culture-specific resources and retrieving the appropriate resource based on the culture setting?

__________ is the verification that all callers to code have appropriate permission to access it.