jquery online test questions

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Which of the following jQuery method add/remove CSS classes from the selected elements?

Which of the following statement determines document is loaded?

jQuery library add which global function?

$("div[class *=’myCls’]”) selects which element(s)?

jQuery library version 1.x is for ________ browser

Which of the following statement is TRUE?

Which method returns all sibling elements of the selected element.

$(this) selects_________.

$("div p.myCls"). What does it select?

jQuery guarantees to pass _______ in all event handler.

Which jQuery method is used to deal with name conflicts?

Which method allows you to filter elements based on specified criteria?

jQuery is a _______ side library.

Which of the following method is used to hide the element?

______ selects DOM element by id

$("div p").first(); what it selects?

Which of the following method is used to request data from server?

Which of the following function automatically attaches new DOM elements to an event handler?

Which of the following is shorthand for jQuery function?

jQuery is a ________ library.