Microsoft Dynamic CRM Online Test Questions

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To which event can you add a function at run-time by using JavaScript?

Which JavaScript code segment shows the correct way to set the value of a field that is formatted as a single line of text?

Which three features are unique to dialogs?

Which supported script library uses the S.ajax method?

You need to ensure that a script is executed as soon as the content of an IFrame has completed loading. Which form event should you use?

From which base class does a custom workflow activity assembly inherit?

Which method does the Xrm.Page object provide for developers to retrieve values passed to a form?

Which parameter is the only parameter that the Execute method takes?

Which state is a valid state for an activated workflow?

Which method does Microsoft Dynamics CRM use to communicate with the underlying XRM framework layer?

Which element can be created or modified from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface?

You need to verify that an XmlHttpRequest has completed in JavaScript. What should you do?

Which security privilege is required to enable the availability of a real-time workflow?

Which two types of reports can be created for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Which three items can be extended in a manner supported by Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Which method should you use to return an object in the form representing an IFrame or web resource?

Where do you add web resources to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation?

Which two features are included in the business application services of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM application framework?

Which operation method takes an OrganizationRequest object as a parameter?

The Xrm.Page object provides a namespace container for which three objects in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.