Node JS Online Test Questions

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What are the key features of Node.js ?

In node.js from the following which command will show version of node ?

Node.js is a single-threaded application, but it can support concurrency via the concept of event and callbacks. ?

What types of tasks can be done asynchronously using the event loop?

In Nodejs what is use of underscore variable in REPL session? ?

Which method of fs module is used to open a file ?

Which of the following is true about global objects in Node applications ?

Node js is a single thread application but it my or can support concurrency. ?

Which of the following is true about console global object ?

In Node.js APIs of Node.JS are which of the following .?

In Nodejs net.isIP(input) returns 6 for IP version 6 addresses.?

Which of the following module is required for path specific operations ?

Which of the following is true about fork methd of child_process module. ?

Is Node a single threaded application ?

Which of the following is true about Chaining streams ?

 In Nodejs how node based web servers differ from traditional web servers ?

In Node.js from the following which is true about writable stream ?

From the following which are Node.js streams types ?

Node.js' package ecosystem, npm, is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world. ?

Is Node.js free to use?