PHP Online Test Questions

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How do you write "Hello World" in PHP

In PHP, which of the following function is used to insert content of one php file into another php file before server executes it

PHP server scripts are surrounded by delimiters, which?

Which of the following function is used for terminate the script execution in PHP?

Which operator is used to concatenate two strings in php?

Echo does not return any value

Which of the following function returns selected parts of an array?

what will be the ouput of below code ? define("x","5"); $x=x+10; echo x; ?>

Trace the function that does continue the script execution even if the file inclusion fails

Which datatypes are treaded as arrays

Is strstr and strchr aliases?

Full form of PHP.

Which of following variable assignment is 'by value' assignment in PHP

What is the best all-purpose way of comparing two strings?

script is a ______.

Parent constructors are not called __________ if the child class defines a constructor

Casting operator introduced in PHP 6 is ?

All variables in PHP start with which symbol?

Which of the following function is used to get length of a string?

The windows version of PHP does not have built-in support for the calendar extension