React JS Online Test Questions

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Props are __________ into other components

What are the two ways that data gets handled in React?

What port is the default where the webpack-dev-server will run?

ReactJS is developed by _____?

Which of the following API is a MUST for every ReactJS component?

Everything in React is a _____________

What does the “webpack” command do?

What is state in React?

What is ReactJS?

What is ReactJS?

How many elements does a react component return?

At the highest level, React components have lifecycle events that fall into

What is a react.js in MVC?

In which directory React Components are saved?

 What are the limitations of ReactJS?

What is Babel?

In React what is used to pass data to a component from outside?

How can you access the state of a component from inside of a member function?

What are the advantages of React JS?

How does React handle Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) standard?