Top 20 SEO Mock Test Questions & Answers

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Which type of link carries the most value or preference for a webmaster or SEO?

What term best denotes the content of a website that spiders can understand and index easily?

What is the approximate length of a title tag will be considered by most search engines?

A friendly URL is:

The long-tail on search demand curve accounts for roughly _____ of search traffic.

Using the same keywords too many time on your web pages, which has a negative effect on user experience and ranking, is a practice called:

When planning a link building strategy, which of the following cannot be thought of as assets?

What is meta description?

What is the format for sitemaps recommended the most by the search engine and SEOS?

Google is more inclined towards keywords found:

Indexing of websites on the internet for the use of search engines is done by ______

Which of there is not a possible reason why spiders might not be able to crawl some pages in the link structure of a website

Which of these are not phases in the keyword in the keyword research?

Which of these activities is not recommended when it comes to acquiring backlinks for your website?

What does SEM stand for?

If you were to use keywords in the same color as the background of your website, thus hiding them, what kind of SEO technique would you be practicing?

Keyword research helps you

If you want to create friendly URL, which character should you use to separate words in such URL?

What is the number used to signify an URL redirect?

What does SERP stand for?