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What Are The Different Types Of Solutions In Dynamics CRM?

1. Managed.

Can We Hide Tab In MS Dynamic CRM Form Using Javascript? How?

Yes we can hide by using following line of code: Xrm.Page.ui.tabs.get(“tab_name”).sections.get(“section_name”).setVisible(false);

What Is The Difference Between Dialogs And Workflow?

Dialogs: It refers to synchronous processes which require user input, a wizard like interface.
Workflow: It refers to asynchronous process which requires no user input and it is a background process.

What Is Workflow?

Workflow includes the automation of business processes from one party to another whose actions are as per the set of rules.

What Is E-mail Router In Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

E-mail router forms the software component which creates a line between the Organization’s messaging system and the Microsoft dynamics CRM deployment

Do All Attribute Data Types Support To Restrict All Permissions With Field Level Security?

No, there are a few additional rules that apply to certain attribute data types. 1. Boolean attributes can be secured for create and update operations but not for read. 2. Option set attributes can be secured for create, update, and read when a default value is unspecified.

How Do Secured Fields Behave For Offline Synchronization?

Only the secured field values that you have access to repeat into the offline database. If you don’t have access to the data, it is not saved offline.

How Do Secured Fields Behave For Filtered Views?

Filtered views will not return data for the secured fields if the calling user does not have authorization for the fields. When no field security is applied for any of the view’s attributes, the filtered views return complete data.

What Will Happen If A Field Is Enabled For Field Level Security?

It will automatically be added to all Field Level security roles with Read, Create and Update all set to No.

What A Field Level Security Profile Contains In CRM?

Field level security profile contains all the fields from all entities which are allowed for field level security.

What Is Meant By Managed Properties?

We can’t customize Managed solution components. Users can customize these Managed solution components by using Managed properties of Managed solutions 

What Is Managed Solution?

Managed solution is a kind of complete package that we can distribute to others to install in their CRM organizations.

What is the process to update Managed solution?

By using Managed Properties of Managed solution.

Can we update the components in Managed solution?

No, we can’t update the components in Managed solution.

How can we know the Owner of Managed solution?

Each Managed solution is linked with Publisher. Publisher indicates the owner of the Managed solution who developed it.

Can We Modify The Name Of Root Business Unit?

No; We will have to re-install MSCRM.

What Is 'append' And 'append To' Privilege In Mscrm? Give One Example Of It?

Append' and 'Append To' priviledges works together. 'Append To' priviledge will allow other entities to get attached with the entity. 'Append' priviledge will allow the entity to attach the records to the entity with 'Append To' privildege.
Let us understand this with simple example:Let us say that you want to attach a note to a case then note entity should have 'Append' access right and case entity should have 'Append To' access right.
Let us take one more example to understand this. Suppose you have two custom entities called 'TestCustomEntity1' and 'TestCustomEntity2'. You want to attach the 'TestCustomeEntity2' records to 'TestCustomEntity1'records. For this you need to have 'Append' access right on 'TestCustomEntity1' entity and 'Append To' access right on 'TestCustomEntity2'.
Now guess will I be able to attach the records? Answer is "NO" because we need to create a 1:N relationship between 'TestCustomEntity1' and 'TestCustomEntity2'.
Now the user who has above mentioned access right in his security role will only be able to add 'TestCustomEntity2' records to 'TestCustomEntity1'.

What is Discovery Services?

The discovery services function for determining the correct organization and URL. MSCRM has many servers, each of which it, might be dedicated to multiple organization.

What is the maximum number of tabs allowed on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 form? 


How many possible ways to register a Plug-In in MSCRM?

1. Plugin Registration Tool.    
2.  Solution Export/Import  
3.Developer Tool Kit